Friday, February 05, 2016

Giraffe relief, in Elm, by Stan

Stan digs in to the Elm block to form the levels of his deep relief carving...

Otter, in Lime, by Mike

Mike carves into the block to begin the shape of an otter.

Nuthatch, in Lime, by Ann

Diver & Flippers, in Lime, by Moira

Moira begins forming the flippers for her diver to go with a fish model she made last year...

English Rose, relief carving in Cherry, by Peter

Nativity Characters, Crib & baby, in Lime, by Ron

Cormorant rediscovered!, in Mahogany, by Rosemary

Rosemary began this carving around twenty years ago, at evening class. She has rediscovered it in her home and has decided to revisit some of the details and continue carving those....